What are Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards have become a popular and valuable tool in daily self-care practices, offering a unique way to access insights, guidance and self-reflection. There any many different types of Oracle decks each with their own theme, imagery and symbolism and cover a vast range of topics like love, spirituality, personal growth and healing

Why use Oracle Cards?

Incorporating oracle cards into your daily routine can serve as a gentle, introspective ritual that helps you reconnect with your inner wisdom and strengthen our connection with universal source energy. Setting yourself some time to draw a card each day can provide a moment of pause, allowing you to tune into your own inner guidance and intuition, set intentions and gain perspective or clarity on various aspects of your life

When you first receive a new deck of oracle cards, we highly recommended you cleanse the deck to clear any energies the deck may have come into contact with.  You can do this by smudging the cards with Sage, visualising white light surrounding them as you do this. You could also do the same process with Palo Santo. Follow your intuition and use the method that resonates with you

Find a quiet and comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed and create a calming atmosphere by lighting a candle or some incense.  Take a few deep breaths to centre yourself, shuffle the cards and while you do, focus on your question or the intention.  Think about what you seek guidance on, or what aspect of your life you want insight into.  When you’re ready, state your intention.  You may like to say an invocation like, “Angels and Guides, please show the cards that are for my highest good” or “show me the cards that give me the best guidance for my situation” It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just be sure it is clear and concise so your guides hear you loud and clear and can give you the most accurate information through your cards

 There are different ways to draw cards. You can shuffle until cards “jump” out at you,or you can also draw a certain number randomly, or fan them out and intuitively choose the ones that feel right.  The most important thing to remember is to trust your intuition. If a particular card catches your eye or feels significant, it likely has a message for you

When interpreting the cards, reflect on the imagery, symbols, and messages on the cards. Pay attention to your initial feelings and thoughts; your intuition often plays a role in the interpretation.  If you draw multiple cards, consider the overall message.  Refer to the accompanying guidebook for individual messages and meanings of each of the cards in the deck. Most of all trust your instincts when interpreting the cards and be guided by the messages that resonate with your personally.  Oracle cards are a tool to access your intuition and inner wisdom.  There’s no right or wrong way to use them so experiment and develop a daily practice that suits you best