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Beautiful Crystals Ethically sourced

Crystals have been used for thousands of years in holistic and alternate healing practices. Each crystal is unique and has a way of interacting with our body’s energy field and chakras. We can work with crystals to help improve our physical, emotional and spiritual healing to bring our bodies back into a state of harmony and balance.  We can utilise crystals for energetic balancing, stress reduction, mindfulness and meditation, promotion of positive energy into a situation, enhancing your intuition and spiritual growth and let’s not forget physical healing

Intentionally chosen as a gift of love
from our heart to yours

Each of our crystals are sourced from reputable suppliers that ethically source their pieces.  We personally hand select our crystal pieces to ensure we see they hold the highest energetic vibration.  All of our crystal pieces are cleansed with Sage and infused with Reiki Healing energy prior to being shipped to their new homes




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At Home Within (4)
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Worry Stones



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At Home Within (4)
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